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Marcus Bleasdale | Lord’s Resistance Army

Marcus Bleasdale
Marcus Bleasdale, Lord’s Resistance Army, PRIVATE 57, p. 36-37 (36-41)

Buy PRIVATE 57 [T]he rebel Lord’s Resistance Army and Joseph Kony, its messianic leader, have waged a campaign of massacres, torture, and abduction on civilians across Central Africa since the mid-1980s.
Their 20-year bush war against the Ugandan government, which aimed to establish a theocracy based on the Ten Commandments, killed thousands and forced the displacement of around 2 million people.

Notorious for disfiguring its victims and kidnapping tens of thousands of children for use as child soldiers and sex slaves, the LRA now operates in the remote border region straddling Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic and South Sudan, where, since late 2008, it has stepped up its attacks on local villagers.

Why is this still happening after 25 years? Why can we not stop Joseph Kony and the atrocities he commits.

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