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The Bosnian Identity

Cerska, Serb Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2009. The shadow of a lamb hung in a tree by two pheasant farmers.

Title: The Bosnian Identity; Autor: Matteo Bastianelli
PublisherPostcart publishing. Year of Publication: 2012.
ISBN: 978-88-86795-95-1
Pages 208, Format 17 x 24 cm. Volume Price, € 35
About the Author: Matteo Bastianelli is a young emerging photographer. His pictures have been published in a number of italian and international magazines and websites, such as: Burn, Drome, Fotocult, Fotovisura, Foto8, La lettre de la Photographie, L’Espresso, Metropolis, National Geographic Italia, PDN, PRIVATE.

[A] journey into the memory of Bosnia. Everyday stories of Muslim families, otherwise marked by the war. A continuous voyage of self-awareness amidst the horror of the Srebrenica genocide and the memory of an ethnic cleansing that goes beyond time.

A nation still locked among dreams of release and pressure towards nationalism, in a transition still present between past and future. Where suffering, hope and black humour outline a common Bosnian identity born, or perhaps only survived, from the ashes of the former Yugoslavia.

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