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Ed Kashi | The Forgotten Land: Madagascar Out of Balance

© Ed Kashi
© Ed Kashi
© Ed Kashi

Ed Kashi – The Forgotten Land: Madagascar Out of Balance 
VII Gallery, 28 Jay Street Brooklyn New York, United States, Map It
From: 08-11-2012 to: 04-01-2013; Opening hours: 10am – 6pm Monday-Friday

[T]he Forgotten Land: Madagascar Out of Balance is a response to the global cry for societies to pause and consider more deeply our environmental impact at a time when the precious resources upon which everyone’s existence depends are being depleted beyond repair. As inequality in living standards expands, with the wealthy flippant in their excess, the voices of those without are growing in number. Nowhere are the effects of this dysfunctional relationship with our resources more evident than in Madagascar.

Through the dignified and vibrant people of south east Madagascar, Ed Kashi explores an alternative relationship with the earth from that which we are typically exposed to, one in which everything that is needed to sustain human life comes directly from the earth. But holding this society together in a precarious balance is an astoundingly depleted forest system. Systematically plundered over the years by both external forces and the attempts of the island’s inhabitants to sustain their way of life, Madagascar’s forests now total less than 10% of their original status and the people of Madagascar, caught in a cycle of grinding poverty that eradicates the luxury of free will, continue to risk fines and imprisonment in pursuit of their forest-based survival.

Our relationship with the earth, and the issues that are raised with regard to how we go about conducting this vital relationship, have developed into core themes within Kashi’s work.

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