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Excerpt Magazine Issue 4


[F]or Issue 4 Editor Amy Marjoram has been joined by Guest Co-Editor Devon Ackermann who quickly decided a photograph of his chaotic bedroom should kick off an Issue that was evolving around ideas of space and privilege. Devon sent this image to twelve artists requesting they also take photos of their bedrooms for the Issue; Devon says,“the responses varied from playful, aloof, considered and sterile.” Amy Marjoram adds, “Excerpt Magazine is always asking the question, ‘what are you willing to show us?’ Issue 4 has really fed off this creating an amazing myriad of segments. There’s modified cameras, houses that become performative spaces, it’s a really inventive and exciting issue.”

Excerpt Magazine Issue 4 is now online, it doesn’t get dusty and there’s no perfume ads. It has conceptually challenging, fun and intriguing photography and videos and it can be read for free by everyone.

(by Amy Marjoram)

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