Precarietà / Precariousness – Social Photography Workshop

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Precariousness. Social Photography Workshop by Anna Mola
Firenze 13 e 27 October 2012

Aims and objectives
The insecurity has become a part of life, especially of the younger generation. The purpose of the workshop will be to address this issue visually, telling stories through images of insecurity or interpretations of this phase of life. After the introductory lesson, each participant will play the project individually choosing the subjects and approaches more congenial to him. Will follow in the second match editing and selection of materials for the production of multimedia as a final test of the Workshop.

Saturday, October 13 from 14 to 18 hours> Introduction
1. Introducing the Workshop. 2. View and comment on projects that are already developed. 3. Development of the ideas of the participants (knowledge and advice on how to develop your own photographic project). 4. Reading the portfolio of the participants (all students are encouraged to bring a portfolio of reportage-max 15 printed photos).
October 14 to 26> Realization of individual photographic project
Sunday, October 27 from 14 to 18 hours> Editing
Vision of the projects of the participants, observations and comments of the group. Analysis of the projects by the teacher and selection of images for the production of multimedia.

Teaching Tools: Bibliography, webgraphy, Screenings, Tests.

Teacher: Anna Mola. Degree in philosophy, professor, photoeditor, curator and photography critic, he attended the photoediting the CFP Bauer. He has worked in magazines and online, for the drafting of texts and iconographic research. He teaches the history of photography and visual languages, dealing with criticism and curatorship of photographers and national and international artists, with the help of galleries and exhibition spaces. Since 2011 collaborates with the international magazine of reportage Private Photoreview.

Audience: photographers, photography students. Min 4 people, max 8 people.
Requirements: Basic knowledge of culture and photographic technique, digital camera.
Registration fee: € 160. Location: BC District 3 – G. Britain 48 – Florence

Workshop Title: Precariousness. Social Photography Workshop
Instructors: Anna Mola
Where: Associazione Culturale Deaphoto
Via Pisana 224 r Florence, Italy, Map It
Workshop Calendar: 13 e 27 October 2012
Information and registration: CULTURAL ASSOCIATION Deaphoto
tel 0550517721 – Mobile 3388572459 –
Promotions: 10% discount on the yearly international photography magazine PRIVATE for all participants at the workshop.

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