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Amar Kanwar – Evidence

A Season Outside, 1997 (from Trilogy, 1997-2003), analog and digital color video with sound, 30 min - © Amar Kanwar

[A]mar Kanwar’s poetic documentary films and video works explore the political, social, economic and ecological conditions of the Indian subcontinent, often through stories and experiences. Much of his work traces the legacy of decolonisation and partition, with the splitting of families, sectarian violence and border conflicts being recurrent motifs. Interwoven throughout are investigations of family relations, gender and sexuality, philosophical and religious questions, and the processes of globalisation. Through images, ritual objects, literature, poetry and song, Kanwar creates lyrical, meditative film essays that do not represent trauma or political situations so much as the ways through them: his work looks deeply into causes and effects, and how they are translated into everyday life and cultural forms. Kanwar’s complex narratives connect personal spheres to larger social and political processes, linking legends and ritual objects to new symbols and public events, mapping contexts and exploring the politics of violence, power, sexuality and justice.

Amar Kanwar – Evidence
Fotomuseum Winterthur, Gruezenstrasse 44 + 45, Winterthur 8400, Switzerland, Map It
> from: 08-09-2012 to: 18-11-2012
> opening hours: TUE – SUN: 11 – 18 hrs; WED: 11 – 20 hrs; MON: closed

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