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Piotr Pietrus | Józio – a story about an old man in the mountains

Poland – May 2011. Jozio in front of his house.
[J]ózio is an 85 year old man who is living with his 18 year old dog ‘Krecia’ in an old house outside a small village in southern Poland.
This place has been Józio’s home for over 50 years.
Soon this chapter will be closed. Due to existential needs the house will be sold and he will have to move to his younger sister in a bigger village.
Whenever I visit him I feel that this place belongs to a different timezone untouched by today’s fast life. The first things that come to my mind are silence, the smell of old furniture and the traces of a long life.

In the context of fast changing Poland, it’s westernization, the growing abyss between past and modern generations, Józio’s life represents for me the one of a dying species.
His existence is floating between past and present. He is unable and unwilling to relate to today’s life, it’s problems, hypes and rush.

This shall not sound like a sad story about an old man in a lost world.
But things are changing and for me it seems that this momentum is gaining more and more speed. That’s why it is interesting and beautiful to find those islands, that seem to be untouched by this system.

Poland – May 2011. Inside one of the 13 rooms.
Poland – May 2011. Walking his most frequented path. To the kitchen and then back to the livingroom with a tea in his other hand.
Poland – May 2011. In the kitchen. A view in the mirror.
Poland – May 2011. Drying a napkin on his oven. In the winter this oven is his only heating source.
Poland – May 2011. One of his preferred places in the house. You can hear a clock ticking and an old radio playing in the background.
Poland – May 2011. A look outside the window from the first floor.
Poland – May 2011. In order to have wood for his oven he cuts down some of his many trees in the garden.
Poland – May 2011. Time goes by in the house. The ceiling i cracking slowly. An old hunting souvenir.
Poland – May 2011. Old memories on film.
Poland – May 2011. Jozio and Krecia, his dog. Most days they spend together without seeing someone else.
Poland – May 2011. Chairs inside a room on the upper floor. For me they symbolize his rich past, when there was a lot more life and people in the house.


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