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Arno Brignon | Joséphine

“Arno Brignon, a young father but already a recognized photographer is aware of that when he offers us a distanced view of this moment of his family life. He does that, not as a (proudly) affirmation of his fatherhood, but rather as a questioning on where he belongs in this strange love story between the two of them, this couple suddenly changed into a triangular shape: the one of his wife, now a mum, who carries, plays with, bathes, dances with, feeds, puts to bed (and goes to bed with) the child (and turns his back to him, her man), of a little girl, Joséphine, who looks without really seeing, who stands there (not yet posing), and of him, the third person, who behind the mask of his camera is struggling to find his place, to focus on the object of his desire.
The art of Arno Brignon consists in succeeding through movement blurredness, soft focus, off-centering and swings in depth of field to make perceptible this confusion that takes hold of the man facing his new father figure and that the photographer translates gorgeously by this visual wandering close to the vertigo.” (Dominique Roux)

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