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Forget Your Past – the communist era monuments in Bulgaria

The main hall ot the Bulgarian Communist Party memorail at mount Buzludja. © Nikola Mihov

[T]he book traces the fate of the most important communist-era monuments in Bulgaria, from their construction to this day. The book contains 34 photographs and detailed information about the history of the monuments, compiled by theauthor over the course of three years.

The title of the book is borrowed from graffiti written over the entrance of the Memorial House of the Bulgarian Communist Party at Buzludja, which poignantly illustrates the fate of the communist-era monuments in Bulgaria.
Conceived as expressions of national pride and reverence, most of them today are looted and neglected. Whether they commemorate the feats of the Soviet Army, the April Uprising of 1876, or the Serbo-Bulgarian War of 1885, they all share a common fate – to be silent symbols of a forgotten past.

The book is avalible in two bulgarian and english. Each copy of the books contains a vintage postcard of the Bulgarian Communist Party memorail at mount Buzludja.
The english version of the book could be purchasied on-line form “Librarie du Moniteur” in Paris (international shipping).

Title:  Forget Your Past – the communist era monuments in Bulgaria
Images and texts: Nikola Mihov
prefaces by Jean-Christophe Bechet and Babak Salari
Year of Publication: 2012; Page Count: 110; Publisher: Janet 45 Print & Publishing, Plovdiv, Bulgaria; ISBN: 9789544918033; Volume Price: 15 €.
About the Author: Nikola Mihov was born in Sofia in 1982. In 2002 he moved to Paris, where he became interested in photography. Since 2006 he has taken part in a number of international exhibitions and festivals. He received the award of the Phodar International Biennial of Photography in Pleven, Bulgaria (2009).

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