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Abu Syeed Sumon | Fragile commitment

BANGLADESH – 2012. For Bangladeshis, jute is not just a plant that produces fiber; it is rather a national icon. And our climate is very much favorable for growing of the finest jute in the world. That’s why it’s called Golden fiber of Bangladesh
[M]y fragile childhood memories could recognize lives in the primacies of Khalishpur jute mill, Kulna where spontaneity of happiness prevailed everywhere. Even today my memory could recall when workers are rush into the mill in the morning, busy working environment, crowed of production and community in the complex.

Within a decade scenario has changed in jute mill. Most of state owned mills were about to collapse for not to make profit including Khalishpur Jute mill. Government had been subsidizing for the salary. World Bank also has suggested not to continue these subsidized projects. Consequently, Khalishpur jute mill also laid out in 2007. More than 3000 worker’s lost their job and their home; thousands of family leaves Khulna cities forever.

I revisited the fragile mill when opens again. I saw smile washed away from the face of the worker. They are getting low wage like per hour 29 cents. Question was directly relating to the survival the fragile existence. Who is responsible for? There are counter logics! But for me it is fragile commitment to the people, commitment to the national integrity.

BANGLADESH – 2012. A worker is busy with fiber process, in 2007 khalishpur jute mill was closed due to heavy loss and started in 2011 again but government didn’t permanent the workers yet.
BANGLADESH – 2012. In khalishpur jute mill, workers are getting 2.34$ per day, that means they are getting .29cents for one hour, it’s the cheapest wage per hour in whole world
BANGLADESH – 2012. Jamal is always busy with trolley to pass the cotton to weaving sector
BANGLADESH – 2012. Salma age 22 is working in weaving sector of Khalishpur Jute mill,Khulna
BANGLADESH – 2012. Rubel 14 years old boy works in jute mill to serve his family ,he stops his education due to his family needs.
BANGLADESH – 2012. Mojammel 29 years of age, working in cotton section, he hopes every thing will be ok one day and they will be permanent and they will get their government build quarter again which one is empty now.
BANGLADESH – 2012. Lots of extra cotton roll is storing in mill complex due to worker crisis in weaving sector, workers don’t want to work due to low wage, and every day number of worker is decreasing every day in Khalishpur jute mill , Khulna.
BANGLADESH – 2012. In his back a landscape made bye sweat tells how hard to work in mill complex due to hot weather
BANGLADESH – 2012. A worker in mirror, its like the whole scenario of jute mill which actually is jailed under the sky.
BANGLADESH – 2012. A jute mill worker is ready to sleep but he need to use his hand held fan for his comfort as they don’t use electric fan because its increase more than one dollar home rent in monthly
BANGLADESH – 2012. A jute mill worker’s kid is running in Khalishpur jute mill , Khulna ,Bangladesh.

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