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Natasha Gudermane | Mademoiselles or intimate portraits of Parisians

Esther, 2012.


Mademoiselles is a series of intimate portraits of young Parisian women.
When I had just arrived to Paris, I had this idea in my head about what Parisian women should be like. I imagined Paris as a capital of chique, charme and seduction. Instead, I found a very dynamic city with ambitious, independent and always busy girls running up and down. I also felt a kind of distance between us and this puzzled me, I wanted to know what hides behind this behaviour in public. Thus I started my project.

I photograph my friends, as well as strangers met in the street, nude, at their homes, in their own intimate surroundings. My photos don’t affirm anything, but rather question the identity of a modern Parisian, her way of living, her relation with her body, nudity, appearance. (N. G.)

Juliette, 2009
Chat, 2011
Leela, 2010
Melanie, 2012
Charlotte, 2012
Melina, 2012
Clementine, 2011
Gwen, 2011
Leah, 2011
Jessica, 2012
Kitty, 2010
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