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Jean-Yves Moirin – Une obscure clarté

© Jean-Yves Moirin

“The photographic image is not the reflection of a reality trapped of the decisive moment dear to Cartier Bresson. At the opposite, it becomes the key. The interest is its capacity to constitute a world and go beyond the visible, see things as a world transcending the reality to discern there what taps it such these contradictory and permanent tensions between perception and imagination. In photography, the reality cannot be perceived in its strict literality but always in charge of interpretation. It exceeds the frame of the objectivity to plunge us into a world of subjectivity. Everything appears in constant metamorphosis.
The photographic images require a lot of the one who looks. What do we have to do with the light, which lights the space of the evidences?
Helped by these photos, the shadow goes up, suffocates the clarity and settles the uncanny (unheimlich). The light becomes an unusual phenomenon, which returns the energy to bodies and weakens the real presence of things.
So that the light acts on the intimacy of beings and things, what is more radical than the shadow?” (Jean-Yves Moirin)

Jean-Yves Moirin – Une obscure clarté
Galerie Annie Gabrielli, Montpellier, 33 avenue de Nîmes 34000, France, Map It
> from: 27-07-2012 to: 06-10-2012
> opening hours: Tue-Sat : 2:30 PM – 7:30 PM;  Wen : 12:30 PM – 4:30 PM
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