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Chiara Ceolin | Florina

Florina is twenty and works as a cowherd in a remote village in the poorest region of Romania, Moldova. When she was fifteen she witnessed her drunk father killing her mother. He’s in prison for few more years. 10/07/2010

Florina witnessed her drunk father beating her mother to death. She was fifteen at that time. Her sister and herself were put in an orphanage, their father in prison. Three years later she turned eighteen and left the orphanage.
She moved in her grandmother’s house with her boyfriend Georgiu. The house is kept exactly as her grandmother left it. Actually, Florina doesn’t want to change anything as if her grandmother is still alive.

As a consequence of her traumatic experience, Florina suffers of sudden mood swings. She gets very angry for little things or extremely happy, as a very young girl. Georgiu finds it difficult to deal with her and has sought for psychological support for both of them. Unfortunately the Romanian Health System doesn’t allocate funds for that. She sometimes visits the local surgery and talks with nurses even if there isn’t much they can do for her.

Florina and Georgiu work as cowherds in a small village in the poorest side of Romania, Moldavia. Their income is 150 euros each per month, not enough to save anything for a better life. Both of them dream of leaving the country, as her father will be freed from prison in few years and they don’t want to be around by that time.

Florina’s family photographs on the wall of her living room. On top the grandparents and her mother above. Romania, 16/07/2010
Florina visits the local surgery. Two nurses and a social worker listen to her request of a psychological support, unfortunately there are no resourses for it. Romania 16/07/2010
Florina during a pic-nic at the river. As an effect of the trauma, Florina suffers from sudden mood change. Romania, 18/07/2010
A family portrait, Florina and her sister with their parents before the mother was killed by hte father. Romania, 16/07/2010
The local social worker visits Florina at home. Romania, 16/07/2010
Florina at her home before meeting two nurses and the social worker. She is a bit worried about asking for a psychological suport. Romania, 16/07/2010
Florina lost in her thoughts while working. Romania, 10/07/2010
Florina and her boyfriend Georgiu enjoy a day at the river. Both of them work as cowherd and earn 150 euro each which is not enough for them. Romania, 18/07/2010
Florina at work. Romania, 10/07/2010
A moment of extreme joy. Romania 2010 © Chiara Ceolin
Florina rests near the river. She dreams of leaving Romania. Romania, 18/07/2010

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