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Ludmila, ready to get her Visa. Ukraine, Kiev, December 2009

LU, the Ukrainian nickname for Ludmila, is a work in progress about one of those women that come to Italy from Eastern Europe to grant their family a better life. They usually work as caretakers for old people but Ludmila got ill and was hospitalised for a long period. We met in Italy but I followed her back in Ukraine for Christmas: it was three years she didn’t go home. Her world is firm and warm. Full of signs from the past but also of the welfare she’s working to afford.

She managed to have a beautiful marriage for her daughter and she’s very proud of it. She’s still the head of the family, loved and well respected for what she’s doing for them. But you can feel in the air the fear for her leaving again.
Her dream is completing a building they started by their house to open a florist shop. The pictures I’m sending try to depict the world she left behind.

The road home, near Knelmintsky. Ukraine, December 2009

Volodja, Lu’s son-in-law. Ukraine, December 2009

Home. Ukraine, December 2009

Welcoming guests. Ukraine, December 2009

Baba Oksana, Volodja’s grandmother. Ukraine, December 2009

In LU’s bedroom, a picture of the youngest daughter. Ukraine, December 2009

Just married. Lu’s work managed to pay for her youngest daughter’s wedding. Ukraine, December 2009

Getting ready for New Year’s Eve. Ukraine, December 2009

Lu’s house. Ukraine, January 2010


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