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Mouna Saboni – Je voudrais voir la mer

"Homme", 2010, inkjet on Dibond, 6 ex, 30 x 45.5 in. © Mouna Saboni/Galerie Annie Gabrielli

Mouna Saboni is 24 years old. She is finishing study to the Superior School of Photography of Arles.
On the occasion of a stay in Palestine in 2010 and 2011, she works in the refugee camp of Dheisheh on Bethlehem. She also realizes photographic covers of the activities of Médecins du Monde. This young photographer discovered her vocation in a shantytown of Buenos Aires where she helped the populations with an association during six months.

“Homme”, 2010, inkjet on Dibond, 6 ex, 30 x 45.5 in. © Mouna Saboni/Galerie Annie Gabrielli

She quickly finds her place beside the refugees, often speaking with them of the Darwich poetry. The initial project was to leave on the tracks of this committed poet died in 2008.
In the camp, 70 % of the population is less than eighteen years old and was already imprisoned. She suggests making photos on the theme of the prison, the « women » of prisoners (wives and sisters) and their everyday life.
In Palestine, as these photos say, “there is no fatalism, there is an extraordinary passion for life; this strength is their reason for living”.

For the first exhibition of Mouna Saboni, the Annie Gabrielli Gallery presents « I’d like to see the sea », series supported on a documentary vision attached to the everyday life of the refugees of Deisheh, mixing poetry and fiction. The relationship between the human being and his environment exceeds the trivial stadium because of the important stakes and of the violently mediatized context. It is a committed work, which gives all its place to the individual and to its voice in this split territory.

Mouna Saboni – Je voudrais voir la mer
Galerie Annie Gabrielli, Montpellier, 33 avenue de Nîmes 34000, France, Map It
> from: 08-06-2012 to: 14-07-2012
> opening hours: Tue-Sat : 14:30 – 19:00; Wed : 12:30 – 16:30

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