International Photo Festival

Pics&Plot. Bristol Photo Festival


[P]ics&Plot will be an event focused on photography and multimedia but will be open to anybody with an interest. To cater for this, the event will also include other activities like an exhibition, raffle, music and a wide selection of food and drink.
This event has been developed between Instant Coffees and Firefly PhotoFilms with the support of ArtsSpace – LifeSpace, The Island and a selection of international photography collectives.

Pics&Plot is a photography event focused on promoting new and emerging documentary photography. It brings together different collectives from the UK and other countries (the Middle East, Italy and Spain), that are promoting photographers using multimedia photo- graphy as a medium to tell stories. We want to offer a platform in mixed media for emerging talent to showcase and promote new work.

where: Bristol, The Island. Bridewell Street BS1 2LE, United Kingdom, Map It
date: 25-05-2012

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