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Natasha Lythgoe

Opening, 2011 © Natasha Lythgoe

[O]pening is the first exhibition in France of Natasha Lythgoe. A young British artist, Natasha Lythgoe’s practice encompasses an interest in combining media: still and moving image, text and sound. At heart, it is the notion of perception, far removed from representation, which runs through her visual installations, including this exhibition specially designed for the Centre Iris.

It is the term ‘opening’ that perhaps best encapsulates this collection, although the plural -‘openings’ is equally revelatory.

Opening. Imbued with Buddhist philosophies and practices, Natasha Lythgoe’s path has led her through spheres of dance and meditation. Through these practices, she explores re-embodiment, re-connection to the earth and the present moment.

Natasha Lythgoe primarily explores themes of perception: how as individuals our physiological and psychological understanding of our environments inform and form our lives.

This exploration, above all intimate and personal, also guides her photography, towards an awakened and conscious state. With an interplay of reality and dream, her images, lying somewhere between abstraction and realism, play a role in deconstructing the concept of representation.

This rejection of photography existing merely as a process/method of depiction, this distance from what appears to be the subject of a particular image, forms part of a theory of non-representation. She aims to reduce the narrative role of the subjects depicted. Bearing in mind this move away from photography’s indexical relationship to the world, one shouldn’t look for a particular object within each image. Is it possible for a photograph to have an independent existence; one that generates a response, emotion or reflection of its own accord, rather than simply being a representation of elsewhere?

To understand the work fully one needs to view each image as part of the whole: the constellation of images within which it is being presented.

Each series of images is neither definitive nor frozen in a permanent sequence. Traditional ways of exhibiting images with ideas of completion and a sense of order simply don’t fit with the freedom of movement and fluidity that Natasha Lythgoe aims to achieve. Each sequence of images works in a similar way to free associations. She works with interchangeable patterns of images: each temporary formation allowing for a new reading or understanding.

Deeply sensitive and sensual, viscerally grounded and at the same time transcendent, Natasha Lythgoe’s photography also has an intellectual approach which is closely related to Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari’s concept of ‘deterritorialization’. This concept when applied to art, at the very least, becomes an exploration around not reducing work to categories, which make it, make sense.

Natasha Lythgoe – Opening
Event info > where: Centre Iris, 238 rue Saint-Martin, PARIS 75003, France, Map It
Event date > from: 14-06-2012 to: 15-09-2012
Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday 2pm-7pm

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