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Images With Substance: Excerpt Magazine Issue 3 Launches

Excerpt Magazine Issue 3 Cover Artist: Loris Savino.

[E]xcerpt Magazine is a free quarterly publication pushing the boundaries to present photography and moving images in new dynamic ways. Issue 3 has 76 pages brimming with content from an intimate discussion to a series of disasters.

Excerpt Magazine has fast developed a large international following of people interested in images with substance. Excerpt Editor Amy Marjoram says, “Issue 3 has really engaged with the times we are living in. It will become a time capsule, but right now it is about now. There is nothing more exciting than incredible content that connects with ideas happening around us.”

The publication also looks good. Creative Director Laura Gulbin brings a rich visual understanding to Excerpt’s design. Amy Marjoram says, “Perceptive design is vital because Excerpt Magazine never limits itself to a certain style of photo-based practice. The images and ideas we publish have so much scope and we bring everything together with care to create a compelling publication.”

Excerpt Magazine Issue 3 is now online at

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