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Changsha, a book project by Rian Dundon


“Changsha was a sprawling metropolis of ad hoc concrete, grand boulevards and neon dreams laced with an energy that made me dizzy. Here were six million people in a city literally built on top of its own ashes and I loved it. I did my best to absorb everything, every bit of local language or news or culinary offering. And I photographed, alwaysm photographed. Only now I wasn’t just a visitor or a journalist.
Without a story to cover or a deadline to meet, I consigned myself to the sensuality of living, engaging with the people I met and staying open to different modes of experience. I hung out at underground gay bars and punk clubs, rode sand dredging barges up the Xiang river, toured zinc mines, and spent long nights conversing intensely over warm beer and spicy barbecue.” (Rian Dundon)

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