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Wendy McMurdo | Technology and identity

PRIVATE 56, p. 28-29
PRIVATE 56, p. 28-29

Buy PRIVATE 56 [H]er work often explores the role of digital technology in the construction of identity, particularly in relation to the psychological world of children and young people. For many years, she has collaborated with a variety of educational institutions, documenting the creative work that goes on there. She works with music and drama specialists, museum workers and teachers exploring the world of the child at school that most adults do not see. She has participated in many projects exploring the subject of childhood – most notably ‘Through the Looking Glass – childhood in contemporary photography’ at The Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork, Ireland (2005), ‘Only Make believe’ curated by Marina Warner, Compton Verney, in the United Kingdom (2005) and ‘Ninos’ at the Centro de Fotografia, Salamanca, Spain (2003).

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  1. Wendy was one of the first to experiment with digital technology forcing us to rethink our perception of the craft, our relationship to technology and each other in a connected world. Beautiful work.

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