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Céline Anaya Gautier | Unidad Escolar Patacancha

PRIVATE 56, p. 46-47
PRIVATE 56, p. 46-47

Buy PRIVATE 56 [S]ituated in the region of CUSCO, in the heights of Ollantaytambo, Peru, at 4800 meters altitude, the school Unidad Escolar Patacancha welcomes the region’s children. Sons and daughters of farmers, most must walk for more than 4 hours before reaching the school, which is inaccessible by bus. Once there, they learn the basics: to reading, writing and basic mathematics. The vast majority of them will follow in the footsteps of their parents, knowing that if they do not know how to count or write, it will not be possible to go and sell the produce of the harvests in the cities. Despite a lunch of minimal proportions, and the devotion necessary to undertake the daily expedition to the school, all the pupils seem to already regret having to leave it one day.
(Céline Anaya Gautier | Unidad Escolar Patacancha, PRIVATE 56, pages 46-49)

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