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Alvaro Deprit | Suspension

PRIVATE 56, p. 68
PRIVATE 56, p. 68

Buy PRIVATE 56 [T]his work aims to focus on a special moment when past and future lives of the inhabitants of a community ‘house’ are suspended. A shift in focus as tensions and expectations of life are ‘thrown into the world’. The inhabitants of the ‘House’ are immigrants from different continents, young people who have travelled thousands of miles risking their own lives as they run away from war, misery and precarious lives. All of them can be considered to be survivors facing a journey that has its final phase at the very limits of human possibilities.

Now they are in the ‘House’, they are suspended between two worlds in time and space, their lives on hold as they wait for what will come next. The ‘House’ welcomes them and protects them, and that is the place where they find a new dimension and a peace of mind that they never had before. However, even in this environment, a sense of uncertainty still lingers.
(Alvaro Deprit | Suspension, PRIVATE 56, pages 68-71)

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