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Excerpt Magazine Issue 2 launches

Excerpt Magazine Cover, Izabela Pluta, Untitled (LOT card) #9, 2010

[E]xcerpt Magazine is a free quarterly online at Excerpt Magazine is centred on photo-based practice and challenges the archetypal magazine structure by constructing new formats.

Issue 2 is now online, in this special issue 30 people have responded to the cover image by Izabela Pluta with an image or moving image of their own. Issue 2 is visual pressed against visual, to get us closer to what others see in an image. This has created an exhibition within a magazine and a discussion written with pictures.

Excerpt Magazine’s first issue garnered critical praise and 4000 readers. Editor Amy Marjoram says, “We approach each issue as a new creative challenge and wanted to start 2012 with this incredible selection of images that resonate together before returning to a mixed format for the rest of the year.” She adds, “With Issue 2, through a wordless premise, the magazine inhabits the very openness that keeps us looking at and taking images.”

Creative Director, Laura Gulbin has again brought her perceptive design skills to Excerpt Magazine, creating an incredible presentation of works by contributors:

John Alexander, Anahita Avalos, Stuart Bailey, Thomas Bonfert, Caitlin Burkhart, Kel Glaister, Tatiana Grigorenko, Harrison Haynes, Kotoe Ishii, Thomas Kalak, Charis McKittrick, Stacy Arezou Mehrfar, Miriam O’Connor, Flemming Ove Bech, Hasisi Park, Izabela Pluta, Patrick Pound, Kiron Robinson, Laura Rodari, Zoe Scoglio, Ilya Schtutza, George Schwarz, Daniel von Sturmer, Koo Sung Soo, Linda Tegg, Inez de Vega, David Wadelton, Lee Walton, Jennifer Williams, Kit Wise & Keith Wong.

(by Amy Marjoram)

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