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Supay Fotos


We are a group of Peruvian photographers compromised with documentary photography, because we consider it a tool for the diffusion and interpretation of our culture. Our objective is to show the stories and characters that charm us, who create their own worlds, people who follow their dreams and construct them according to their own ways and manners.
In a society filled with beauty and violence, such as Peru, we find valuable what these people transmit. For that reason, we would like to share these experiences with others. At the same time, we try to offer our own point of view, honest and subjective.

About the word “Supay”
Supay is what the Incas used to call spirits which could be good or evil, naughty or protective. When the Spanish conquerors arrived, they translated the Quechuan language into Spanish from their particular point of view, the catholic point of view. Therefore, these ancient spirits or little Inca gods came to be called “devils” or “demons”, because they were profane and different to the new official god.

Supay is a devil that could once have been an angel. It’s something uncertain which, due to a mix of cultures, is two things at once, two opposite things at once. On closer consideration however, these things may have more in common than we think. Supayfotos owes its name to the search for this meaning, no longer through wasted and contradictory words, but through images of the present.

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the authorVéronique
Véronique Poczobut, photo editor of PRIVATE magazine.