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Salvi Danés | Hidalgos

PRIVATE 55, p. 30-31
PRIVATE 55, p. 30-31

Buy PRIVATE 55 [W]e talk about hidden lands with deep historical roots, and nest of ancient myths and legends of ancient religious inheritance. Where we still find places and people detained in time, witnessing an atavistic past. A country with people deeply attached to traditional customs and rites, framed by a landscape aesthetics particularly genuine.

This land is “La Mancha”, one of the most unfathomable of the Iberian Peninsula. Due to the progress of recent years (urban, industrial, social), there is the feeling that the loss of cultural identity is inevitable, leaving little oasis where, sooner or later, globalization will eventually leave its mark. The need to know, understand and respect a culture in the process of change, a life resembling that of our closest ancestors, parents and grandparents. The depopulation of rural areas and the fact of giving up jobs as humble and hard as livestock and agriculture are a reality in our country which is so worried about technological industry and about land speculation that often forgets what was what supported the economy of the country for centuries.

“La Mancha” is a region which is mostly rural and where the aspects related to its development, in its widest description, and the development of certain economical sectors as the agricultural and the forestal have a remarkable importance in the social point of view and also in the economical and environmental. The tendency to abandon the “castellano-manchegas” rural areas gradually is an orientation which, although it has been less present during the last few years, represents a permanent and determining threat.

(Salvi Danés | Hidalgos, PRIVATE 55, pages 30-33)

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