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Oksana Yushko | Kenozero Dreams

PRIVATE 55, p. 50-51
PRIVATE 55, p. 50-51

Buy PRIVATE 55 [K]enozero is the name of an area in the North of Russia lost among the forests and awful roads. Several ordinary villages are spread near the lake of the same name. Most are abandoned now, and nothing extraordinary is happening here. People live their daily life, they got used to unemployment and bad social conditions long ago. But man cannot live without hoping for the best, though most of us prefer to go with the flow just dreaming about better life. So do people in Kenozero. Most of them were born in the Soviet era and used to work in kolkhoz (a form of collective farming) and have been members of collective mind or more exactly they didn’t have their personal one. They just did what they were told to do.

Everything is different now. They have to make a decision, to know how to live and to earn their living. It’s not easy. Some of them prefer to leave, especially youth. Some of them stay there and try to enjoy a hard life with simple values.

They dream about better times, about glorious past, about one day when they awake from sleep and gather themselves up to do something.

(Oksana Yushko | Kenozero Dreams, PRIVATE 55, pages 50-53)

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