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Maya Goded | Land of Witches

PRIVATE 55, p. 34-35
PRIVATE 55, p. 34-35

Buy PRIVATE 55 [A]fter finishing the series ‘Missing’ that examines the ‘disappeared’ women killed on the Mexico-USA border, I developed a need to change the destiny of these women. I wanted them to be treated with impunity. I wanted justice and looked to exorcise my own fears. So I decided to travel to Northern Mexico to heal myself and restore my love for photography and the ‘Land of Witches’ series was formed.

In Latin America, the Spanish conquest brought the catholic religion and the persecution of women related to witchcraft which was both Spanish and indigenous. These local people, called “shamans” or witch doctors, had a great knowledge of herbs and the balance of their environment. Although the witch-hunt was common practice, beliefs were practiced secretly and are still alive in Mexico. The witches I look for, in the most Catholic states are a mix of European and Indigenous customs. In these villages everybody goes to them, fearing their power and in the end they are outcasts because they are different from other women living in the village.

(Maya Goded | Land of Witches, PRIVATE 55, pages 34-37)

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