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Sarolta Bán | Dreams

PRIVATE 54, p. 56-57
PRIVATE 54, p. 56-57

Buy PRIVATE 54 [A]bout three years ago I discovered digital photo manipulations and I quickly fell in love with it. It’s like playing and it gives almost unlimited possibilities to develop many ideas.

I like using ordinary elements and by combining them, I can give them various stories, personalities. Objects and little things are important to me. I think that they have their own stories; probably this is the reason why I love what I do. My favorite objects are trees, many old and nice everyday things (for example my Underwood typewriter), chairs, windows, etc. I hope that the meanings of my pictures are never too limited, are open in some way, giving each viewer the opportunity to transform them into a personal aspect.

Somehow, most of my pictures are surreal. All the different elements in my pictures connect to each other in some way and give the ‘essence’ of the image.

It’s important for me that all of them are interpretation of existing things, real feelings, and allegories of thoughts. So they show reality in a different way. I hope. Not all of my pictures include real human presence, but all include human feelings and stories.

(Sarolta Bán | Dreams, PRIVATE 54 – LOST, pages 56-59)

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