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Ross McDonnell | Turkana. Cultures of change

Ross McDonnell, PRIVATE 54
Ross McDonnell, Turkana. Cultures of change. PRIVATE 54, p. 66-67

Buy PRIVATE 54 [T]hese images document, from a cultural perspective, the impact of climate change on the tribal communities of the Turkana people of Northwestern Kenya. The Turkana are pastoralist communities and are among the many indigenous cultures subjected to the consequences of climate change, caused by the developed world’s consumption.

I focused my work in Turkana on trying to illustrate themes such as migration, drought, food security and inter-tribal conflict. Factors associated with climate change have also begun a cultural shift in the Turkana way of life.

In Turkana food-aid becomes more reliable than farming. Rural to urban migration and the social problems associated with urban poverty become more prevalent. Traditions of the nomadic way of life from language and tribal education to music and marriage begin to fade with each generation.

(Ross McDonnell | Turkana. Cultures of change, PRIVATE 54 – LOST, pages 66-71)

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