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Lori Vrba | Piano Farm

Lori Vrba, PRIVATE 54
Lori Vrba, Piano Farm. PRIVATE 54, p. 52-53

Buy PRIVATE 54 [M]y daughter Olivia began piano lessons at the age of 6, on an old upright nestled into a converted sleeping porch on Emerson Farm. Sara is her teacher and the farm’s caretaker. As an artist, I quickly realized I should always come with my camera and film. My relationship to the farm and to Sara grew from there.

This series speaks to the connection between an artist and a place of endless creative possibility. It is also my thank you note, love letter and deep curtsey to Sara for allowing me such freedom… a luxury for which I am forever grateful.

With this body of work, I not only want to share the visual charm of the farm itself, but also my own inspired experience of the farm and the imagery born from such a giving place.

The Piano Farm holds possibility at every turn. There are two white horses named Elvis and Finnegan who follow me around like curious dogs. There is the feral garden, the greenhouse of perfect light, the tiny log cabin where a Baby Grand now takes the place of a breakfast table… all laced with the Bohemian touches of the free spirited and exuberant Sara.

My own artistic voice is free to sing there alongside the sounds of children at the piano. It is a place I trust, as it continues to welcome me into its wellspring of inspiration.

(Lori Vrba | Piano Farm, PRIVATE 54 – LOST, pages 52-55)

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