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Dorothy-Shoes | Monologues and Dystopias

Dorothy-Shoes, PRIVATE 54
Dorothy-Shoes, Monologues and Dystopias. PRIVATE 54, p. 14-15

Buy PRIVATE 54 [D]orothy-Shoes’ origins in theater and set-design serve as her inspiration for her artistic expression. A natural storyteller, she now tells her stories with images. Poetry and a singular vision saturate her prints. There we find humanity in all its states, wrought with imagination.

All her subjects are placed on the same playing field: that of the frustrated idealist.

Bridging the gap between realism and surrealism, the photographs of Dorothy Shoes are articulated like little timeless fables. A lone character wanders through a series of monologues through which the photographer meanders in our internal labyrinth, exposes our darkest places and puts a face on the unconscious. We witness the accidental spills and drips of universal symbolism, as captured through her own personalized lens.

«I do fabricate real stories.»

(Dorothy-Shoes | Monologues and Dystopias, PRIVATE 54 – LOST, pages 14-19)

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