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Benjamin Goss, PRIVATE 54
Benjamin Goss, Breathe. PRIVATE 54, p. 30-31

Buy PRIVATE 54 [I] have always been curious and fascinated about slight expressions, movements of the face. The story telling of the eyes, and who we are or become when in front of the camera. For the project ‘Breathe’ I was looking for a more organic, spiritual, and unmasked feeling. Not reality, but not direct fantasy either. More of a long and slow dance between the two worlds.

For this project I am using an 8×10 inch view camera from 1904 with silver gelatin paper as the negative. When photographing with most cameras, the camera becomes a barrier put up to the face between the subject and the photographer. With this camera, I am standing beside it and have full contact with the subject. They also have better contact and intimacy with the camera and themselves.

There is something ethereal and magical that happens while using this process and the 8×10 view camera. Something a bit out of my hands and control. I think that somehow an organic connection is established between the subject and camera. They have time to relax, look, feel… but most importantly to Breathe.

(Benjamin Goss | Breathe, PRIVATE 54 – LOST, pages 30-33)



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