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Zalmaï | The human cost of the war on terror in Afghanistan

Zalmaï, PRIVATE 53
Zalmaï, The human cost of the war on terror in Afghanistan. PRIVATE 53, p. 24-25

Buy PRIVATE 53 [T]en years after the world promised to rebuild Afghanistan, its people are again losing hope. In the course of these years, a humanitarian disaster has been taking place in the country, alongside the military operations and the fight against terrorism.

Overtaken by the priority of the war on terror, the central government and the international community have overlooked the basics of human existence. Today, Afghan people are still cut off from basic human rights and caught in the middle of a conflict which leaves behind thousands of unseen victims every day: displaced, injured, unemployed, homeless, widows and orphans. While cutting-edge military equipment can be found in the most remote and deserted of Afghanistan’s poor villages, the people of Afghanistan are struggling to survive the day. War machinery has become the principle means the world has found “to win the hearts and minds of the Afghan people”.

(Zalmaï | The human cost of the war on terror in Afghanistan, PRIVATE 53 – Hope, pages 24-27)

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