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Alexandros Demetriades | Cyprus Identity

Alexandros Demetriades, PRIVATE 53
Alexandros Demetriades, Cyprus Identity. PRIVATE 53, p. 72-73

Buy PRIVATE 53 [C]yprus remains a divided country despite its ‘borders’ opening between North and South in 2003 and its accession to the EU in 2004. A referendum in 2004 under a UN backed plan failed to reunite the island.

Each community is locked inside its own sphere of influence and belief, blaming each other for bringing “unacceptable proposals” to the negotiating table. International pressure has currently rekindled the negotiating process.

Where does the Cypriot identity lie today? I went on a journey to try to find out.
My feelings were as mixed as the current status quo: hybrid architecture and landscapes and divided stances. I still wonder if Cyprus is facing a rupture, will it be able to reconcile its wounds?

I tried to show what seems to be the prevailing perception of Cyprus today. There is a feeling of confusion and sometimes anxiety. Uncertainty over the future persists whilst old beliefs still linger like vestiges of the past. Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities sometimes seem so close yet sometimes so far, resulting in a feeling of acquiescence of the status quo, loneliness, abandonment and resentment.

(Alexandros Demetriades | Cyprus Identity, PRIVATE 53, pages 72-75)

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