Martina Cristofani | Gregorio

Martina Cristofani, PRIVATE 53

Martina Cristofani, Gregorio. PRIVATE 53, p. 68-69


This is a story about a man whose name is Gregorio Lanciotti. He’s a shepherd in the Mountain of the “Lago della Duchessa” (Abruzzo, Italy). He lives in a small, dark stone house. He has four dogs, one horse and a herd. He lives by himself for eight months every year, and at the end of October he goes to the village where his wife lives. During these eight months, he spends time working hardly and speaks to anybody. He produces cheese. He’s 84 years old. He has lived there since he was 6-year-old.

(Martina Cristofani | Gregorio, PRIVATE 53 – Hope, pages 68-71)



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