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Marco Garro | Under the shadow

Marco Garro, PRIVATE 53
Marco Garro, Under the shadow. PRIVATE 53, p. 34-35

Buy PRIVATE 53 [T]he small towns from the Andes were the most affected during the internal armed conflict that Peru had to face for 20 years (1980’s to 2000). People lived in a continuous state of fear due to the presence of the terrorist groups and the absence of government authorities.

Poverty increased and social exclusion appeared in different ways. People without jobs, without basic health services, without education or homes. They were completely forgotten and still today one can see the consequences. People without knowledge of Spanish, the official language that maintains the ancestral culture instead of adopting the “official” one, suffered discrimination. This is how depression is perpetuated in these Andean towns. These people live isolated from the world outside, in a world that remained static throughout history. At night, silence reigns, just as in the time of conflict. This is an shadowed environment where darkness keeps and remembers the past.

(Marco Garro | Under the shadow, PRIVATE 53 – Hope, pages 34-37)

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