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Stefano Buonamici | Indignados

At 7.30 in the morning, the Catalan police began the operation to remove hundreds of demonstrators that were camping day and night in Plaza Catalonia, in the center of Barcelona, the last two weeks.
The demonstrators of the called 15-M movement, the INDIGNADOS, are protesting against the economical crisis and the cuts done to the Welfare State (education and health) by the regional government. On May 27th, the police got out of control when removing the people from the square. After some hours of tension, around 12.30 the police retreat and the demonstrators went back to the place.
The INDIGNADOS, that have occupied the main squares of Madrid and Barcelona and around 40 other Spanish cities, are a movement not linked to any political movement. The ask the government more social justice, to fight against corruption and the privileges of the politicians, and do not want to be only ones to pay for the economical crisis. Today the unemployment in Spain is around 4 million people, most of them young people. While I’m writing, I have news of more incidents, I take the camera and run to square.
(Indignados, May 27th, 2011)



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  1. Pity I’m not a photographer. We have pictures like this regularly, only very few people come to demonstrate, and there are thousands of police.

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