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Sungman Kim | The Foundry

[T]he foundry is located in Song-Jung ri, Gwang ju, Jeollanam-do province. Kettles, hot grills and stoves were manufactured at the foundry by pouring molten metal into casts. The owner was a captain in the navy before taking over the family business. Despite some publicity like a feature on Experience the Life a popular TV show, he had to close the factory down. Korean people used products from the foundry for a very long time and they were an important part of every Korean home, used for cooking rice, soup, and many things.

When I was a child we also used this way of cooking but now it’s not easy to find this kind of system anymore. Times change and people are now using electric rice cookers, gas stoves and boilers. People are always looking for something more convenient. You can probably still see the old style but only if you go to the remote countryside.

(Sungman Kim | The Foundry, PRIVATE 52, pages 44-49)

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