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Eric Perriard | Spleen

Born in South Korea in 1980, I was adopted at the age of 6 and raised in France. I returned to my native country 20 years later, an experience out of which came the photographic series “Spleen” (I created this work during the summers 2006 and 2007). The purpose of this project was to shed conventional limitations and let the subconscious find its own voice in order to explore how it felt to rediscover this land. Naturally, emotion played a major part in my photographs and a far distance imposed itself. Timelessness that emerges again and again in the scenery may show a desire to rediscover a Korea as it could have been when I first left two decades ago. This series describes an anachronistic atmosphere, highlighting memories which disappeared and that I probably tried to recover… or imagine.

(Eric Perriard | Spleen, PRIVATE 52, pages 68-71)

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