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Kim Insook | SAIESEO_Between Two Koreas & Japan

PRIVATE 52, Insook Kim, p. 62-63(67)
PRIVATE 52, Insook Kim, p. 62-63 (67)
[R]esponses of South-Koreans towards ‘Koreans in Japan’ are usually divided into two types: ‘indifference’ and ‘extreme interest’. The latter generally show strong interest in Koreans in Japan, involving them with social or political issues.

However, isn’t now the time that South Koreans, Japanese and Koreans in Japan have to start recognizing the fact that Koreans in Japan are also ordinary people who live ordinarily?

Obviously, there is the diversity among Koreans in Japan. This diversity means that problems, which each Korean in Japan has, are various. Therefore, Koreans in Japan cannot be the same and each person attracts attention. As focusing on an individual, we can see ‘a human being’. However, Koreans in Japan have a thing in common. Like the title of Insook Kim’s exhibition, ‘between two Koreas & Japan’, says, they exist in ‘Sai (the boundary)’, that is, on the ‘boundary’. Both South Koreans and Japanese do not live on the boundary and do not need to live on the boundary. However, Koreans in Japan are born and live on the boundary regardless of their will. It is just so. (from ‘As Seeing The Ordinary Ordinarily’, Shigeo Chiba)

(Insook Kim | SAIESEO_Between Two Koreas & Japan, PRIVATE 52, pages 62-67)

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