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Hyun-sun Yoon | Memento

PRIVATE 52, p. 26-27

[I] feel like I’ve got used to living a prosaic life. Even if memories and a flood of events are stimulating they get easily forgotten. Becoming so accustomed to such reality takes away some sort of piled-up memories and records of certain moments. It seems like we are losing them instead of forgetting them. It is like seeing the world in a beautiful way through covering one memory by other memories. We are all so used to living in the world of excitement.

The photographer Yoon Hyun-sun’s work is derived inspiration from the question on the action of layering hundreds of photos to make one in ultimate photograph. Yoon’s photographs have a fake documentary style which creates an illusion of reality through inviting viewers into a world of fiction.

We tend to ignore things, but the truth is, these things could easily happen or will be happening to us.

(Hyun-sun Yoon | Memento, PRIVATE 52, pages 26-31)

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