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Giuliano Koren | Potocari (Srebrenica), Bosnia And Herzegovina. 11 July 2010

People resting after the burials are over.

2010 was the fifteenth anniversary of the fall of Srebrenica, eastern Bosnia.
Between 11 and 15 July 1995 the Bosnian Serb army has committed one of the most heinous crimes of the Balkan war. More than 8,372 Bosnian Muslim men were massacred, then buried in mass graves. Sometimes, to make it more difficult to find and recognise victims, the bodies parts were dug up and moved to other graves. So far 6,414 bodies were reconstructed through DNA examination, 3,500 already rest in the Potocari cemetery; only the bodies reconstructed at least of 70% can be definitely buried.
This ceremony is an event that draws thousands of people and that of 2010 was particularly crowded. More than 60,000 people gathered together and prayed for the victims.
During the mass funeral, 775 new bodies returned to the land, and never be moved again.
(Potocari, Srebrenica, Bosnia And Herzegovina – 11 July 2010)

Police awaiting for the arrival of 60,000 people attending to the mass funeral.
775 coffins are placed inside the hangar in front of the cemetery, they will be buried during the celebration.
Inside the hangar, where the 775 coffins are placed, a family cries their dead before the burial.
People arriving to the Potocari cemetery to attend the funeral ceremony.
775 coffins are moved from the hangar to the cemetery, where the funeral ceremony will be held.
People waiting outside the Potocari cemetery, where the burial ceremony will take place.
The crowd of 60,000 people filled the Potocari cemetery during the prayer.
The Serbian president Boris Tadic attends to the ceremony.
A desperate woman on her hausband’s grave during the burial.
At the end of the ceremony the bury of coffins begins.
A family is waiting for the coffin containing the rests of them relative who will be buried.
A woman who has just witnessed the burial of his brother is supported by family.
A group of women involved in the burial of a relative.
The burials have been completed, the ceremony ended.
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