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Wang Mei | Poetic Living

[ from PRIVATE 50, p. 08-13 ]
[ from PRIVATE 50, p. 08-13 ]

Buy PRIVATE 50 [I] started to be interested in old towns in Northwest China by sheer accident. Old towns here refer to inhabited cities as opposed to abandoned cities. These old towns remain alive because of people living in them in the depth of time. Following the lifestyle of their ancestors, they raise cattle or work on their farms. They are positive, optimistic, peaceful and gentle and enjoy happiness of mind in their daily work and life. Hints of their ancestors can be detected in them: they use the same techniques while working and they have traces of their ancestors imprinted on their faces.

They live in the present as well, like the rest of us. Life in the town and trips outside of the town are the two parts of their life. What makes them different is the intangible weight of time in their life.

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