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Liu Jingxun | Other places

[ from PRIVATE 50, p. 72-75 ]
[ from PRIVATE 50, p. 72-75 ]

Buy PRIVATE 50 [I] used a camera for the first time when I was 12 years old. I went along with my father, a photographer, on his visit to Tibet. Many years later, I can’t remember much about that exotic place, which has turned into “a far away dream” for me. “I am a blind photographer”, when I became a photographer, I told myself jokingly. Indeed, my body is enjoying the life, while my soul remains restlessly asleep in an autistic and depressed shell. When I visit Tibet again with my camera in hand, I wish to experience all the raw and intuitive things in life. Photo-shooting is like sleepwalking in the Gods’ world in a dark night. In “Other places”, I like all the other people, can feel things bursting out of my body.

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