PRIVATE 49 – FRANCE présences, p. 46 - 49
[F]or the still ongoing Transitions series, Vincent Goutal and Olivia Leriche have chosen to show ‘empty’ moments. Their photographs – the staging and the script of which are very elaborate – are lit like black films from the 50’s. The images obtained are allegorical in nature as they convey the symbols of a certain society: social success (business man, pilot, executive woman), urban environment (stairwell, flat), solitude or the incommunicability with the other (the pilot sitting on the staircase) or the hierarchical order of social relations. In all these illustrations of sequences of life, Vincent Goutal and Olivia Leriche show the flaws, the ruptures which elude the flow. These are areas of uncertainty in the middle of an environment with the strong potential to be alienating. (Max Torregrossa, Gallery Vivoequidem)