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Marie-Amélie Tondu | Jolies les bouches

Marie-Amélie Tondu, Jolies les bouches
PRIVATE 49 – FRANCE présences, p. 60 - 63

Marie-Amélie Tondu, Jolies les bouches, from PRIVATE 49 – FRANCE présences

[P]retty are my ‘characters’, the people I met in Marseille in February 2008. Were they pretty? Anyway, all of them emit something eerily attractive.

Red mouths. / Wild hair. / Diaphanous skin. / Double-jointed body. / Uncoordinated eyes. / Wet funny-face. / Puffy red eye. / Naked tattooed. / Offered hairy-chested. / Sharp-eyed. / In a sense, they scared me. / Maybe that’s why I loved them so much. / ‘Rose is my color and white, / Pretty mouth and green my eyes…’ – (J.D. Salinger, Nine Stories)

To Arianna, Anne, Laurent, Hugo, Gérald, Willy, the girls from l’Intermédiaire, Aurore & Adrien, Scott and the boy at The Cure’s concert.

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