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Lionel Pralus | Détours

PRIVATE 49 - FRANCE présences
PRIVATE 49 – FRANCE présences, p. 54 - 59

Lionel Pralus, Détours, from PRIVATE 49 – FRANCE présences

[T]his project was conducted in 2009 as part of an artist residency in Franche-Comté. It begins with the urge to work from pre-existing pictures, as a direct link to the memory of a territory and its inhabitants. Asking them to show their family photograph albums, Lionel Pralus has isolated details from those archives, confronting them with his own landscape photos where he focuses on the same process. This confrontation is also present in the texts, mixing news briefs with miscellaneous ramblings, maintaining an ambivalence between real traces and re-interpreted reality. Working with the idea of subjective memory, he confuses fact with fiction, creating stories, but stories that develop into fantasy.

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