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Miguel Ferraz Araújo | Kola San Jon

Cova da Moura is a small Ghetto in Lisbon, that was builded illegaly in the seventies by Capverdian migrants.
This area has a bad reputation, because of the youth gang violence and drug traffic which became a daily problem.
Every second person living in this area is younger than twenty years and is confronted with poverty and social discrimination.
Even though the portuguese government promised not to tear down the Cova da Moura, there is still fear as other quarter had been destroyed in the past. The inhabitants are struggling on court to get a legalization of their houses. Because of the disadvantages that their children are suffering from, they brought up a social centre with the possibilties of participating in sports and music classes after school.
Also they try to keep the Capverdian culture alive and celebrate traditional customs. The parade Kola San Jon is the biggest annual party of the community of the “Cova da Moura”.
By participating in this event, the young people are encouraged to become a part of the local community.

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