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Kenzaburo Fukuhara | Danchi

PRIVATE 48, p. 60-61 (60-63)
PRIVATE 48, p. 60-61 (60-63)

Kenzaburo Fukuhara, Danchi, from PRIVATE 48 – Economic inequalities

[A]fter the Second World War, Tokyo city and its urban planning office decided to pay more attention to providing housing to migrants and the working class. It was the first time that the Japanese could live in modern buildings secured against earthquake and fire.

To rebuild the city and restart the economy, Japan didn’t hesitate in using innovative ideas to create new lifestyles. Thus, the newly developed Danchi are considered to be contemporary ‘villages’.

The Tokyo ‘communities’ in these ‘social housings’ have played an important role in the spread of popular culture, inspiring many artists, for example Manga, fashion designers, writers and movie makers, perhaps because these old recovered residences evoke warmth and childhood memories.

Today, those complexes of apartment are clearly deteriorated and the first generation of dwelling almost demolished. (Isabelle Urvoy)

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