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Bijoy Chowdhury | Revolt against SEZ

PRIVATE 48, p. 74-75 (74-77)
PRIVATE 48, p. 74-75 (74-77)

Bijoy Chowdhury, Revolt against SEZ, from PRIVATE 48 – Economic inequalities

[S]ingur and Nandigram are two villages situated in one of India’s most remarkable States. Totally dependent on agriculture, these two villages have recently fought against the Government, which threatens to snatch their only means of survival – fertile land. As a result, we had to witness the most terrible outrage in the form of arson, murder, rape and hijacking.

Here are two incidents in a nutshell: at Singur, 900 acres had been leased to Tata Motors by the State Government for 90 years to set up the Nano car factory. In January 2007 Nandigram was invaded by the administration who intended to grab land in order to create a Special Economic Zone (SEZ). In both Singur and Nandigram authorities want instant development without appropriate planning and evolution. Considering the huge unemployment in West Bengal, industry is essential. However, the government should strike a balance between agriculture and industry; work towards democracy and fight against inequality in society.

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